What others have to say about working with Kitty Toll:


“Kitty is carrying on an outstanding family tradition of service to Vermonters. She is committed and gets results for her communities.”
– United States Senator Patrick Leahy



“Kitty works successfully with all Vermont legislators regardless of political party to get things done.”
– Congressman Peter Welch


Kitty Toll & Senator Bill Doyle



“Kitty is a proven hard-working and effective legislator.”
– Republican Senator Bill Doyle

In the spirit of true bipartisanship.
This is what we do in Vermont!

Representative Toll: I just wanted to let you know how much those of us on Walbridge Road in Cabot appreciate all your help in addressing a Fairpoint service issue that has been bedeviling us for quite some time. Your responsiveness and persistence has resulted in the first meaningful action by Fairpoint and pointed us in the right direction for whom at the State we can work with to resolve this. We couldn’t ask for more in terms of constituent service; please keep on the good work on behalf of regular Vermonters!

– Michael Rushman – Cabot

Kitty & WinonaI have known Kitty since she was a little girl. I have watched her grow and develop into a very bright, caring person who has a great ability to listen! When she listens, she really hears you and her hearing is not shielded by her previous opinions. She has researched and found answers when I have asked questions. Kitty will get my vote because she has proven herself in our church, our community, our state and as an excellent State Representative. Kitty is very inclusive. She sees beyond party lines.
– Winona Gadapee – Danville

Our family met Kitty and her huge Beattie family when we moved to Danville 27 years ago.  The Beattie’s were all very welcoming to us and took us into their fold.  Since then My husband Bruce and I have worked with Kitty on the Pope Memorial Library board of trustees and Kitty and I have served on several committees (and still do) for the Danville Congregational  Church.

When Kitty was president of the Pope Memorial Library board we were involved in a capital campaign to replace the library’s roof.  We were several thousand dollars away from our goal when Kitty contacted Mary Elizabeth Robinson who had special ties to Danville and lived in Pennsylvania.  Mary Elizabeth responded with a check for the remaining amount of money needed to replace the roof and continued to donate to our library, thanks to Kitty.

Kitty is unquestionably committed to Danville and to Vermont and she works tirelessly for both.  There is no one better to represent us.
– Dee Palmer – Danville

It’s my personal opinion that Kitty Toll has always been an Kitty Toll & Jack Danielsoutstanding representative for Cabot residents.  Kitty is a very hard working individual, spending time in Cabot listening to people, and, through multiple communication outlets working to keep Cabot residents informed on legislative activities and initiatives.  I believe we are indeed fortunate to have someone like Kitty representing us in Montpelier.
– Jack Daniels – Proud D.H.S. graduate and proud Cabot resident

We support reelection of Catherine “Kitty” Toll as State Representative serving Cabot, Danville and Peacham. Kitty has served our district since 2009 and in the last three sessions served on the key House Appropriations Committee. A moderate, Kitty was raised on a still-active, fifth-generation farm in Danville by her parents, the late  Harold and Catherine Beattie, herself a former Representative, taught elementary school locally and served  numerous community organizations, including  as Co-chair of the Danville Chamber of Commerce, [trustee of the Danville Congregational Church,] long-time Danville Fair organizer, and NVRH Corporator. As Representative, Kitty co-sponsored and supported legislation important to our community including bills that would increase the smoking age to 21, establish farm-to-school programs, and better regulate opioid prescription drugs. In November, we will vote to re-elect Kitty as our district’s Representative.
Jan S. Eastman
John H. Marshall

Representative Kitty Toll has been a fervent supporter of public higher education in the state.  Throughout her tenure, she has led the charge in ensuring that higher education is affordable in the state, by supporting increased financial aid appropriations for Vermont students.  Furthermore, she has continued to be an advocate in the NEK for Lyndon State College.
– Joe Bertolino
Lyndon State College
Past President

As my representative, Kitty has twice assisted me in navigating issues with Vermont Health Connect.  Not only did she help expedite the process, she did so with compassion, integrity and efficiency.  My children and I appreciate Kitty’s steadfast commitment and effort that she puts forth while serving as a true representative for her constituents.
– Emily Clancy –Danville

Kitty has been an excellent legislator in every way.  She is dedicated to her job, always keeping her constituents in mind.  She is probing and thoughtful.  The thing we find most amazing is how accessible she is.  Kitty is always willing to listen to input, including opposing points of view.  She is smart and articulate and able to explain her votes. She is also a very active member in both Danville and the wider community serving on boards, organizing fundraising and social activities as well as successfully raising funds for two major capital campaigns. In addition to all of that she has raised two beautiful daughters and made sure that her husband, Abel, sells lots of cars and trucks.
– Tim and Jenness Ide – Danville

Kitty Toll brings hard work, creativity and good humor to any project. She was a tireless volunteer on behalf of Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital during its first major fundraising drive since the building of the hospital. She carried through on all her commitments, with great results for NVRH. She brought in many new donors, and encouraged regular donors to be much more generous. We were fortunate to have her on our side!
– Jim Flynn, Former Director of Development, NVRH

You can always count on Representative Catherine “Kitty” Toll! She has consistently proven her empathy and passion for the communities she serves. Her strong work ethic, fundraising expertise, and sound understanding of business, school districts, and economic development make her a valuable asset for our region, especially during these challenging times. Her compassionate involvement within her own family and diverse community organizations provide a keen understanding of their unique needs. Kitty carries her positive energy, vision, and her amazing leadership to the State House.
– Jennifer Layn – Peacham Resident – NVRH Development Coordinator

I really appreciate the hard work of Kitty Toll as my representative, especially during these past two years dealing with the school consolidation issue.  Kitty kept in touch with me as the Act 46 legislation moved between committees and onto the floor.  Her phone calls and emails were timely and included information and discussion on how the proposal would affect our school.  I’ve always found her to be very responsive to my constituent requests, whether on education, agriculture or land use.  I’m very proud to have her serve as my representative in the Legislature.
– Jackie Folsom – Cabot

Kitty is a highly valued member of the House Appropriations Committee.   Kitty is a hard worker, a clear communicator, and a thoughtful decision maker who keeps her constituents’ interests at the forefront of her work.
– Martha Heath – Former VT State Representative and Chair of House Appropriations