Letters of Support

To The Editor:

My name is Walter Bothfeld Jr. and I am a dairy farmer and also the fire chief in the town of Cabot. I am writing to you to ask for your support for Catherine (Kitty) Toll for our Representative to the state Legislature.

As a dairy farmer it is very important to have Kitty as our Representative. She grew up on a family farm in Danville and she understands what it takes to be in agriculture She has been very helpful in drafting some of the new rules that are facing farmers today.

In the past I have worked with Kitty on fire service bills, such as the Dry Hydrant Program, that have been important to the fire departments across the state. Kitty is very supportive of the fire service and has worked hard to help us when ever a fire service bill comes up.

In the past I have found Kitty very easy to work with. She makes it a point to get back to you on issues that you bring before her. I hope that we can all support Kitty with our vote on election day Nov. 8, 2016.

Walter Bothfeld Jr.
Cabot, Vermont

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To The Editor:

House Bill #280 was passed and signed in law this summer. It codifies what makes good classroom lighting into law so that our students will have comfortable learning environments. It also helps schools save on energy costs. You would think its passage would have been easy but were it not for the consistent enthusiasm of Kitty Toll to move it forward, I don’t think it would have made it.

During that time I spent quite a few days in the statehouse and I want to say how impressed I was on how hard and focused everyone in the building was. It stalled in the Senate. As soon as the 2016 session started, Kitty made sure the bill was not forgotten and got it rolling again in a new Senate committee.

I believe were it not for Rep. Toll’s efforts and guidance this well-meaning and deserving bill would have had a hard time getting attention and may not have passed. Thanks to Kitty’s persistence our school classrooms can now be just as comfortable as our homes and save us taxpayers thousands of dollars each and every year. I therefore urge you to vote for her this November and be content that she will “have your back” should you ever need her help.

Matt Kiley
Peacham, Vermont

Source: http://www.caledonianrecord.com/opinion/letters/kitty-worked-hard-for-me---matt-kiley/article_ce57cbad-0545-5c5d-a823-7402102d5869.html

firefightersThe Professional Firefighters of Vermont endorses Kitty Toll for re-election to the Vermont House representing Caledonia-Washington. Kitty has supported issues that are important to our firefighters and working Vermonter’s since being elected to office. Through her work she has made, and will continue to make the NEK and all of Vermont a safer place for all of us to live and work.

I strongly encourage voters to keep Kitty Beattie Toll as our representative from Caledonia-Washington District.

Having grown up on the family farm in Danville Kitty understands the unique needs of Vermont’s agricultural and forest products industries.  As a key member of the House Committee on Appropriations she worked hard to approve funding for the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative. This benefits many small agricultural and forestry related businesses in our state.

In the past I have been asked to testify at the state house regarding forestry issues. Each time I have found Kitty to be engaged, informed and very willing to listen.  She has always been honest, dedicated and hardworking.  I know this because I was a classmate of hers for over 13 years.

Here in the Northeast Kingdom we need a representative that will use her tenacity to find solutions which will help support Vermonters in this struggling economy.  Kitty Beattie Toll is just such a person.

Joel Currier

The Caledonian Record
St. Johnsbury, VT
October 7, 2016

To the editor:
I am writing in support of Kitty Beattie Toll’s re-election as State Representative for the towns of Danville, Peacham and Cabot.  Kitty has served as our representative since 2008, and has done so with hard work, excellent concern for her constituents, and now some experience and seniority. Kitty is a member of the important Appropriations Committee.

Coming from a 7th generation farm family, Kitty is very interested in preserving farms and other land-based businesses as important parts of the economy. She strongly supported the recently passed Working Lands Initiative, which offers grants for new initiatives in agriculture and forestry.

As a former teacher and mother of two, she has a strong interest in improving schools, preserving smaller schools, and enhancing the lives of children. She is proud of the passage and implementation of the universal meals pilot program, which provides all students in certain eligible towns with all their meals without requiring an application, thereby removing the stigma in the cafeteria line.

As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Kitty has also been part of the committee’s effort to ensure sustainable and responsible, balanced budgeting. She is doing a good job. Let’s keep her.

Dan Swainbank

This election season, Kitty Toll is running for re-election as representative for Danville, Peacham and Cabot. Kitty has been committed to helping the community and doing what’s right for Vermont and Vermonters alike.  She has played an active role during town and school board meetings. As a student at Cabot School, I can say that she has played an enormous role in school and town politics that have directly impacted me -and my peers – for the better. She is kind, honest, transparent, and always only a phone call or email away. So I urge you to vote Kitty Toll this November.

Good luck this election season,
Billie O’Conner

Why vote for Kitty Toll? She listens, she’s thoughtful, she makes principled decisions for all of us. And she’s smart.

For many years I have spent a fair amount of time in the State House during the legislative session. First I was impressed that Kitty was appointed to the Appropriations Committee after just one term in the House. That’s is one of the most powerful committees — the power of the purse — and also one with the greatest demands. That she’s moved up into an informal leadership position within that committee is a tribute to her commitment to representing us, and all of Vermont, well.

I also hear her seeking out different points of view as she struggles to reach a conclusion on a difficult bill. And speaking out on the floor even if she knows others in her party might not be happy with the conclusion she has reached.

If you are in her district, vote for Kitty Toll.

Wendy Morgan
Peacham, VT

Hi Kitty,

We need to keep Kitty Toll as our Representative, she is concerned about us and knows how to get things done. We recently had a communication problem we the Land Use people in Montpelier and my daughter in law, Dawn Kempton asked Kitty for help. Dawn has now been able to make the people in Montpelier understand. We need Kitty’s helpfulness and experience working for us in Montpelier, she is a friend of the land owner and the dairy farmer.

George Kempton
Peacham Vt

Kitty Toll Supports NEK’s
Working Landscape

To the Editor:

As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Kitty Toll has been a strong supporter of Vermont’s Working Landscape Initiative. This initiative is designed to create jobs, keep young entrepreneurs in Vermont, build new markets for value-added products, increase the capacity for in-state production, and leverage more investment for growing entrepreneurs.

Growing up on her family’s farm, Kitty knows and understands the hard work involved, challenges experienced and need for working capital to become a viable and sustainable enterprise. Kitty also brings an agricultural perspective from her previous work on the House Agricultural Committee. She understands the importance of agriculture to Vermont’s economy.

Constituents in her district of Cabot, Danville and Peacham have benefited from Kitty’s legislative funding support and active involvement in the Working Lands Initiative. We have an outstanding representative in Kitty Toll, and I ask you to join me in supporting Representative Kitty Toll for re-election to continue her work on behalf of our district.

Shirley Richardson
Danville, VT

To The Voters of Caledonia-Washington 1:

I am writing this letter in support of Kitty Beattie Toll representative of Caledonia-Washington 1, which includes Cabot, Danville and Peacham.

Kitty is a member of a seven generation VT farm family which has a long history of leadership on the local and state level.  For generations her family has demonstrated a strong commitment to Vermont values and the improvement of life for its citizens.  Kitty has remained steadfast to her family tradition of leadership.

Having served in the legislature since 2009, Kitty has taken on hard challenges.  She has demonstrated a strong record of commitment, dedication and accomplishment.   Kitty is a member of the Vermont House Appropriations Committee which has placed her in a pivotal position for funding legislation and maintaining reasonable budget containment.

Kitty is focused, approachable and dedicated.  She has gained a strong reputation for assisting her constituents in navigating government agencies and departments.  She is a careful listener and is dedicated to the pursuit of the interests and needs of her constituents.  She is responsive in keeping them informed regarding legislative initiatives.

Kitty has demonstrated a strong commitment to strengthen Vermont communities, support the creation of 21st century jobs, enhance educational opportunities, protect Vermont’s natural landscape, and maintain an affordable budget while at the same time providing for the needs of Vermonters.

As you consider your choice of a representative to the Vermont House for Caledonia-Washington 1 on November 8th I urge you to join me in voting for Kitty Beattie Toll.

Paul Chouinard
Danville, VT

Dear Peacham, Barnet and Cabot voters,

I’m writing this letter to ask for your support in returning Kitty Beattie Toll to the Statehouse.

In my yard, I currently have two political signs:  one for Phil Scott for Governor sign and  one for Kitty Toll for Statehouse sign.  I try to listen carefully to candidates and make my voting decisions based on the person, not the initial (R or D) after their name.

Kitty has done yeoman’s work as far as responding to constituents.  As a member of the Cabot School Board, she was on the phone constantly as Act 46 was working its way through the Legislature.  She kept all three school boards involved and updated through the process.

Kitty’s position on the Appropriations Committee is even more important to me.  She has overseen the Agency of Agriculture budget for several years.  Funding for the Fairs and Field Days –which includes Caledonia Fair – as well as the 2+2 program (which pays tuition for students majoring in dairy to attend VTC and UVM) reside in that budget.  Every year about this time, the Administration (Shumlin) requires all agencies and departments to find cuts to their budgets; every year, the Agency of Agriculture either deletes these two line items or lowers them to $1.  And every year, Kitty Toll fights to put funding back in those two lines. That does not sound like someone toeing the line  – it makes her someone who listens to her community members and fights for us.

There are two people running for this seat in the Legislature – two good, strong, well-known names in our communities.  Debate is always good; choices are always great and a necessary thing for our democratic process.  However, I’m very frustrated and disappointed that we are experiencing an influx of outside funds into this race when both candidates should be standing on their own abilities and beliefs.  It’s bad enough to have this happen nationally and statewide.  It’s absolutely unnecessary in our communities.

I for one have never met her opponent – if he canvassed Cabot, he did not stop here nor did he leave anything to indicate what he is stands for or what he will support.  I don’t know what he will do for agriculture or schools – and both those issues influence my vote.

I do, however, know where Kitty Beattie Toll stands – she stands for agriculture – she stands for helping her school communities – and she stands for fighting for her fellow community members.

Please join me in supporting Kitty Toll in November!!

Thank you –

Jackie Folsom
2603 US Rte 2
Cabot VT  05647

I am writing in support of Kitty Toll’s reelection as Representative for the Cabot/Danville/Peacham area. She has ably represented the interests of our district during her three terms in the Legislature. Recently my neighbors and I sought her assistance in addressing a longstanding service issue with FairPoint. Kitty responded immediately and has continued to monitor the situation to make certain that is is resolved to our satisfaction. I have been impressed with her knowledge and even more importantly her persistence in seeing that both FairPoint and the Department of Public Service address the problem. We are fortunate to have a Representative who can be counted on to help her constituents when the need arises.
– Michael J. Rushman

On November 8 my vote will go to Kitty Beattie Toll to retain her seat in The VT House. Kitty has been— and continues to be—a superb Representative for us: Always available, she listens with her heart and her mind and makes decisions based on what will be the best outcome for her constituents. I’m always impressed by her deep knowledge and hard work on any given issue. So I hope you will join me in sending Kitty back to Montpelier.
– Jenness Ide

Since taking office in 2009, Rep. Kitty Toll has served the towns of Cabot, Danville and Peacham with energy, independence and integrity. Kitty has devoted herself to her legislative job and to the needs of her constituents with extraordinary commitment. In our local news media, she reports regularly and in detail about the work of the Vermont House. She is always accessible by phone or email and responds promptly, with unfailing courtesy and diligence, to all her constituents. Kitty’s charm and intelligence have earned the esteem of her colleagues from all parties in the legislature, and she now sits on the Appropriations Committee, the most important in the House.

As a member of that committee, Kitty shares responsibility for putting together the annual state budget. No one understands better than Kitty how the nuts-and-bolts of the state’s finances fit together, and no one is more mindful of how every bud! getting decision will impact local taxpayers. Coming from a farming family, and having previously served on the Agriculture Committee, she is intimately familiar with the needs of local farmers and appreciates the importance of agriculture in Vermont’s economy. Her encyclopedic knowledge of state government enables her to navigate the ins and outs of every department to the great benefit of her constituents when they call with problems or complaints.

Voters in Cabot, Danville and Peacham have an outstanding representative in Kitty Toll. Her proven record, attention to local concerns and high standing among her colleagues exemplify the ideals of public service. Her accomplishments should be rewarded with re-election on November 8.
– R.D. Eno – Cabot, Vt.

Kitty Toll is experienced, hard working and conscientious.  She is approachable and listens to all points of view when considering issues before the legislature.  She is open and fair minded and does her best to represent the interests of all her constituents.  I hope you will consider joining me in support of her reelection to the Vermont House of Representatives.

– Ted Houle – North Danville, Vermont