KittyIt is an honor to serve in the Vermont State Legislature representing the residents of Cabot, Danville and Peacham and I am seeking re-election to the House of Representatives. As a five term member of the House Appropriations Committee I have been a strong advocate for Vermont’s children and families. I strongly support our local communities shaping the future of Vermont’s public school system. I understand the importance of a vibrant State College system which offers higher educational opportunities for all Vermonters. I have fought for increased funding to protect Vermont’s children who are victims of abuse or risk. Our children are the future of this state and it is critical to invest generously in our future.

As Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, I am committed to Vermont’s tradition of maintaining a balanced budget. It is critical for our fiscal sustainability that state funds are spent wisely and that ongoing expenditures are matched with ongoing revenues. My priority is to present a budget that meets the needs of Vermonters, fully funds our state reserves, and addresses debt obligations of the state.

Through my work on the state budget committee I have been instrumental in investments being made in Vermont’s agricultural sector. I have supported the creation and funding of the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise initiative which has created hundreds of jobs in Vermont. I have been steadfast in supporting the preservation of Vermont’s farms and promoting agricultural diversification. Polls show that more than 97% of Vermonters value Vermont’s working landscape – this landscape is vital to Vermont’s future.

I would appreciate your vote in this election so that I can continue to be a strong voice in Montpelier representing the interests of Cabot, Danville and Peacham, VT.